3 beauty hacks for fuller lips

April 13, 2016

Ah, the coveted full pout. Not all of us were born with the pillow-lips that seem to grace all Eastern European models, but luckily for us there are some “tricks of the trade” that we can use to help. Here I’ve pulled a couple of my favorite goodies from Motives Cosmetics that will help you channel your inner Rosie HW in three simple steps.

1) Plump and hydrate. Glossy, hydrated lips automatically look healthier and more full. My absolute favorite product to use is called 40fy – it hydrates, adds a natural gloss that brings out your natural color, and plumps the lips all at the same time. It’s literally my everyday go-to and can boost lip volume by up to 40%.

2) Go nude. Bold color is always fun, but when you are going for a bigger pout it’s better to skip the darker shades and go for a good nude. Lining your lips with a lip crayon like this one in Neutral helps to define the lips and make them stand out naturally.

3) Contour – it’s all the rage. I mean, Kylie Jenner even does it to her ears, apparently? Contouring just means accentuating shadows that already naturally appear on your face. You can use a bronzer or my personal favorite Shape & Sculpt Duo (it comes with a highlight, too!). Take the darker shade and lightly smudge right below your lower lip line. This contrast of shadow will make your lips appear larger.

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