Binxy Baby

January 23, 2018

The easiest way to shop with a newborn.

If you know me, you know it’s no secret that I despise going to the store. If I have any excuse not to go, I’ll conjure it! And with a newborn, the excuses can flow let me tell you. It’s much harder to get out, and if you don’t have a safe way to secure them into the shopping cart then forget it! As I can’t always make my poor husband go to the store without me and must occasionally brave the aisles myself, I have quickly realized the Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock is going to be a lifesaver. Instead of trying to juggle a newborn while shopping, I can simply place Willa in her carseat right into the cart where she is secured with the Binxy. It’s super safe, and not to mention cute – they have several adorable prints available. My favorite and the one that I have is the triangle Binxy.

The Binxy Baby fits most standard grocery carts and can support up to 50 pounds in weight. Once Willa gets a little bigger I can actually place her directly in the Binxy hammock sans carseat. It allows me to keep my hands free while shopping, gives me peace of mind knowing Willa is safe and tucked right in, and also gives me more room in the cart to fit groceries (which means I can stock up and make even less trips haha!).

We went to Target on our first store outing since Willa was born and snapped these photos of the Binxy in use. As you can see, I strapped the Binxy onto either side of the cart. It is safely secured with clips and straps that velcro. With Willa being so young still, we left her in the carseat, but before long we will be able to place her directly in the hammock! Willa stayed nice and snug, we didn’t have to get her out of the carseat, and we were able to place our items in the cart underneath the Binxy with plenty of room.

Binxy_1 Binxy_5 Binxy_4 Binxy_3 Binxy_2

I know we will get lots of use out of this product – I definitely recommend to other moms out there! If you have to make the trek to the store with your baby, make it easier on yourself. It’s worth it!





*I received product from Binxy Baby for this post, but thoughts and opinions are my own.

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