Finding Yourself // Introducing Top Knotted Tees

July 27, 2015

This project has been a long time coming; it’s something I’ve been brainstorming and working on creatively for months now.

And I’m FINALLY ready to show it to all of you! This is my first (of hopefully many to come) Top Knotted Tee Collection featuring the coordinates of my home and the home of many people who have inspired me so much. This is the city where I truly found myself and where so many others have found themselves too. And in honor of the journey that we have all taken, I featured the coordinates of this amazing city front and center. May we always remember our home and always find our way back to it. Here’s to Nashville and to our journey: celebrate it with me and the Finding Yourself Collection from Top Knotted Tees.

Buy your TK Tee here!

2A8B2181-2 2A8B2194 2A8B2206 2A8B2210 2A8B2171 2A8B2217 2A8B2214 2A8B2253 2A8B2233

*TK Tees have a loose, flowy fit. Sizes available are small, medium, and large.

Printing of shirts done by local ladies over at Hip Hues, an incredible company run by awesome women!

Photos by my bad ass photographer Chelsea Rochelle

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