Going Global

September 18, 2015
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Now you can travel the world without even leaving your home.

This year marked a pretty enormous lifetime achievement – the purchase of our first house. It has certainly been an adventure. We had limited furniture, decorations, or well, really much of anything moving in! At least it made for a simple move :) Now, slowly but surely, our house is starting to feel more like a home. This project was especially fun and important to me, as it’s the first time I am able to show a little glimpse into our new living space.

I was introduced to StyleVisa several months ago, and there’s no denying it was love at first sight. This online shop offers curated products from around the world. Started by a husband-and-wife-duo, all products are hand-picked and inspired from their own personal travels. My favorite thing about this shop is that it brings global design and aesthetic right into your own home. I love to travel (and daydream about it at least an hour a day). By bringing the outside world in, it makes my home feel more open and adventurous.

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Rue de Marli from Canada

Citron de Vigne Aromatic Candle (Smells incredible with notes of sweet citrus)

Citron de Vigne Body Lotion (Not kidding, I switched out my old favorite lotion in our bathroom to this one. It’s light, hydrating, and that smell!!)

Citron de Vigne Scented Wax Tablets (These two tablets not only smell wonderful, but they are beautiful as well. Scented wax tablets are a way people of the past used to keep their rooms smelling fresh. These were actually made according to an original 16th century formula. So of course this history nerd is ALL about it!)

Scents and Feel from Tunisia 

Scents and Feel Fouta Guest Towel (I love the clean and simple design with the two stripes across. I’m currently using it as a decorative hand towel in our bathroom, but it could easily be used in the kitchen as well.)

Menu from Denmark/Sweden

Menu Norm Paint Decor Thermo Cups (4 different cups all with the different color paint stripe down the side. I love that the colors are all muted but different. Tea party, anyone?)

Images d’Orient from Lebanon

Ferronnerie Verte Coasters (Gorgeous color and design. I had nothing else like these in the house, so I love that it adds some contrast with such unique design elements.)

I hope that you all have enjoyed this glimpse into our new home! I so enjoyed finally getting to add some decorations with the help of StyleVisa. Be sure to go check them out, you’ll love it all.

To your travels,


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