The Ollie World Swaddle

January 27, 2018

Snug as a bug.

It turns out Willa is quite the wiggle worm! When we were at the hospital she kept wriggling out of  every single swaddle we tried. The first few nights were rough, we had such a hard time getting her to fall asleep because she didn’t feel secure after busting out of her swaddle. She was also so strong that it was difficult to wrap her correctly without her hands already working their way out through the top of the fabric. When we got home, I was so excited to try out my Ollie World Swaddle. Talk about a world of difference! It was so easy to wrap her up securely and quickly just utilizing the few simple steps – and the velcro is a life saver, let me tell you. The Ollie World Swaddle keeps her nice and secure and helps her feel comforted so that she falls right asleep.

It’s currently pretty frigid here in Nashville so there’s not much worry of Willa overheating right now, but the moisture-wicking material of this swaddle helps to keep her cool if she every gets too warm. I love knowing this because I can continue to use this swaddle into the warmer months! And as a plus, it’s one size which allows for transitional changes. So it will continue to work for her as she grows!

The minimal the design of this swaddle is what originally caught my attention when looking for products we’d need for Willa. There aren’t any crazy prints or bright colors like so many other baby products (especially for girls!) – just a simple, elegant look with an exceptionally practical design. I chose the stone color, and they have other lovely colors including lavender, sky, and meadow.

Ollie_5OllieSwaddle_2 OllieSwadle_4

Final thoughts: I enjoy learning about the story behind a company – I love when there’s more than initially meets the eye. The Ollie World Swaddle is one such brand. This swaddle was originally designed by a social worker to help a foster child  named Oliver who was struggling to sleep and eat. Working together with a pediatric neuro-developmental psychologist, she was able to create a swaddle that helped Oliver tremendously. And, tear-jerker, he was adopted after he began to flourish from using the swaddle! This story really touched my heart and I love that this company made all the difference in the life of one child, and is now using that knowledge to benefit other children. If you’re curious to know more, be sure to check out their About page.




*I received product compliments of The Ollie World for this post. However, thoughts and opinions are all my own.


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