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November 27, 2015
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Never miss a deal again.


ShopBuddy is an online app downloaded right onto your browser, so it takes zero memory space on your hard drive. It is offered exclusively by, an online marketplace with thousands of partner stores (some of my favorites include Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Forever21, J Crew, and more). ShopBuddy will pop up any time that you visit the site of a store that happens to be a partner and will list EVERY coupon code that is currently running for that particular shop. Not only that, but it will track your purchases and award you cash back for a percentage of what you spend (cash back amounts typically range from 2% – 15% depending on the store).

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So, let’s recap: three things make this app so amazing. One, it helps you save money. Two, it helps you earn free money. Three, it’s completely free! There’s no extra steps, no extra time, literally just download the app and it does all the work for you. I’m a BIG believer in this app because it’s already saved me so much on my online shopping since I’ve been using it. And if you’re still not convinced, don’t listen to me, listen to Google! It’s got a 5 star rating from 96 votes in the Google Chrome Web Store.

That brings us to the moral of the story: don’t leave that extra money on the table – spend what you need to and save what you can! Download your own personal ShopBuddy App here, and happy shopping!



PS – If you have any additional questions about ShopBuddy, you can reference the FAQ page here. logo

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