Tricks of Transition

November 11, 2015

A twist on traditional layering.

I recently went into Vinnie Louise boutique over in East Nashville and absolutely fell in LOVE with each and every one of the pieces that they had. The storefront is tiny and warm, with sweet staff and a great variety of clothes that you can’t help but obsess over. This gray tank was so soft to the touch, and even though colder weather is creeping up, I knew I wanted to try it on. I figured it might make a great layering piece, under a cardigan or jacket even. But then I spotted the oversize scarf and the lightbulb went off – what if instead, I use the scarf to double as a shawl? Easy as pie to layer for a look that’s sweet as can be :)

kalina-8717 kalina-8722 kalina-8738 kalina-8708 kalina-8763 kalina-8790 kalina-8753 kalina-8697 kalina-8783 kalina-8746 kalina-8726

Photos: Catherine Truman Photography

Tank: Vinnie Louise

Scarf: Vinnie Louise

Jeans: Vinnie Louise

Bag: Live Fashionable

Shoes: Necessary Clothing

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