What to wear to your next holiday party?

November 30, 2015
IMG_3093 copy

An alternative look for a seasonal soiree.

This necklace from Kendra Scott creates the perfect centerpiece to build a look around; it is such a stunning statement. Because of the boldness and elegance of the necklace, I wanted to be sure to balance out the rest of the outfit so that it was still the main focus. So I thought, due to the pearly color of the stones, why not contrast with black? Black is certainly not a standard color for the holidays, but I love switching it up and doing the unexpected. And what’s even more fun is that both the sweater and the pants have unique qualities of their own! The sweater is a gorgeous texture, while the pants are wax coated. The little metallic piece on the heel of the boot also offers a different element to the look.

By blending traditional seasonal sparkle with a dark palette, you can create some truly fun and unique looks this holiday!

IMG_3064 copy IMG_3100 copy IMG_3160 copy IMG_3125 copy IMG_3206 copy IMG_3093 copy

Sweater: Soca Clothing / Soca Nashville

Pants: Spanx

Necklace: Kendra Scott

Shoes: Necessary Clothing 


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